Ways to have fun when looking for followers

It is interesting to note that Snapchat has been in use for a while but the rise in its use is quite amazing.  The fiver pitch is on the increase and every user is inclined to find better and easier ways to find Snapchat followers.  But in the real sense, how do you get followers?  Is it easy or is there something users need to know before making any move?   There very simple yet important facts that can help you build your followers.  The first and the most important factor worth considering are to post a series of events.  These if possible should be random.

Do not be so limited to what you post on Snapchat.  This is mainly because followers are always looking for variety.  If you care to check, you will find that such users use three combinations in particular, you need to consider using the random, and if possible play around with the content that you post.  Do not limit your postings to content only; you can use video which is very captivating coupled with still photos.  The other combination you need to consider is singular story events that are if you need to increase Snapchat followers.